Thursday, November 12, 2009


IIT-Kanpur was amazing (the fest).
There's no motivation now.. (for studies, CAT, everything)
Life's hectic. Busy. Sad. In short, no life.
Those #$@$%@ engineers ! They solve the questions of QA in less than the time I take to read the question. [btw, QA= Quantitative Aptitude-- the highly complicated mathematical stuff]

And they've been also working on their vocab .
[and listening to English songs too.. Those being 'you're beautiful ' and Songs by The Police ; LOL!]
And here I am, listening to Lady GaGa songs all day. :D

They've been reading novels like "The Alchemist" :O
Anyway, #$%# them
Nerds.. :P

This has been quite an informal post. Anyway the blog's been inactive for a long time.. if not anything else, It served as my 'venting' machine ... I feel better now.
Thanks for reading it.
I might just post my Kanpur pics here... in sometime...