Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lady..

Today, on my way back home (in the metro) , I saw this lady - thin, middle aged, talking on the phone.
And then, tears rolled down her cheeks..
The coach was relatively empty. Some people looked at her as more and more tears flowed.
why? What for?
Nobody asked. Nobody bothered.
She kept crying.
For a second I thought I should go and offer some water,but realized I didn't have any.

My Stop came.. I got down.
And the thoughts continued..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Life ..that's what happened..

I am sad . Life is a bitch.
You never have what you want, you never like what you have.
And if u like what you have, life takes it away from you very soon.

I don't wanna grow up. My Seniors leaving... passing out of college :(
I cant see myself as the 'SENIOR' in college .
I clearly remember the first day of college, like it was yesterday...
Time Flies. Cut its wings. X-(

Campus Placements in 6 months.
I'll have to work in an OFFICE?
No More Dance practices.. no more fun... or am I being to pessimistic?
Whatever.. I am not looking forward to it..
Realization came today.
Had My last dance practice. LAST. tomorrow we'll be performing for the last time.
I've been there with the society for past 2 years.
And now.. over? no more songs.. lifts... sequences.. props.. FUN??
no more stay-backs...?

Why oh why oh WHY!

I can't recall when was the last time I was HAPPY and content with my life... until 3-4 months ago...

And the phase seems to get over..

I HOPE things aren't that bad ahead..

And the Friends remain...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dilli Ki Sardi... (Delhi Winters)

(above)The View from Kashmere Gate Metro Station

Fog... outside my room...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friends... forever?

"S- I just LOVE us.. friends..
Me- Me too... <3

S- I know that this won't last one day... but I still love all of you... "

Why can't we be friends 'forever', as they say?
For the first time in my life,I have some people... I love the most, and love to death..
But, things change, people change..I know..
I hope to have some people in my life ALWAYS.
And pray to god.. they're always there for me.. and I am there for them..
Coz you want some things and people to stay the same.. always..

About The Blog

As the title suggest, the blog is random.
It'll have random stories from life.. mine, and others' ...
I'm no good writer.. have not written much too...

This is my THIRD try at blogging...
and what gets me back is the urge to thoughts, stories, views..
And Facebook statuses and Tweets aren't enough..
I'll try keeping my posts short and simple.. don't look for artistic or deep stuff here..
you might not find any..
But I'd appreciate if you give feedback and suggestions.

Love all

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Beginings before the End!

Ah.. Exams finally over ! (almost, one practical left)
Weren't too great. I planned in the previous semester that I'd do well this sem, but then, promises are meant to be broken, aren't they?
[Well, the fact that the group I created on Facebook a few months ago , 'I'll Definitely Study in The Next Semester' has more than 14000 members (and increasing) should speak volumes]

But I was disappointed by one exam, for which my preparation was like, average but my performance was VERY bad. Anyway, Lets see what happens when the results come out.

So, I have new beginnings to look forward to even before the semester starts.
  • A Trip to Bombay. Looong trip. don't know what to expect, I'm excited as well as I'm not.
  • Crescendo 2010! Our own College Fest and I'm one of the organizers!!
    [plz note- our team got selected after fierce competition with 3 other teams .. was a long process including proposals, presentations, sponsors etc . Well, as is the theme/tagline of our college -
    "We Mean Business", We actually do perhaps. I realized it halfway through my graduation
  • Lastly (sigh) the new semester. Seniors say this is toughest of 'em all.

    I'm looking forward to work hard,and party harder. The coming phase will be one of the most significant phases of my life so far.
    I just hope everything turns out to be good.
    *fingers crossed*