Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Moment of Talent

Have you seen,or at least heard of the reality /talent series 'Got Talent' (America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent)? And, a show called 'The Moment of Truth'?You must be aware of them at least, if you watch TV or spend some time online.
The Indian versions of the shows were launched a month back.
This is not a first time that a game show has been adapted for the Indian Audience.
The trend was started by a show called 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' in 2000, which was based on the UK game show 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?'. The show was a massive success in its first season, starting a trend that lead to many more game shows all across different television channels. The show was simple and straight...answer questions testing your general knowledge, and take one million home if you answer them all correectly!
The next successful reality show was 'Indian Idol', which was also a huge success in the first season. The so called 'Indian Idol' , Abhijeet Sawant's debut album topped every chart in India for many weeks
Later, these shows declined in popularity in the seasons that followed. I, and many of my friends, now don't even know or remember who Indian Idol 2 ,3,and 4 were? (maybe there's also a 5)

After that, we've had reality shows of all sorts, like Khatron Ke Khiladi (Fear Factor), Jhalak Dikhlaa Ja and Nach Baliye ( both about dancing, the former an adaptation of 'Dancing with the Stars') , Deal ya No Deal and the list goes on...

Some of them worked, some didn't, while popularity of some varied with seasons.
I liked Nach Baliye (celebrity couple dancing show) in its first two seasons , but in the further season, they got couples from nowhere. I didnt even know half of them...Who were they?were they even celebrities?
God knows!
I followed this season of Britain's Got Talent because of a phenomenon known as 'Susan Boyle', the 47 year old woman, who was a runner up on the show. She became very popular online and her videos were among the most watched on YouTube for a long time. I mean, you don't get to see a 47 year old, shabbily dressed, frumpy woman, to come and give you goosebumps with her tremendously good singing, followed by a standing ovation by everyone who was laughing at her initially.
I also liked the winners, dance group 'Diversity'. They deserved to win, with a flawless ten on ten performance in the finale.

I saw India's Got Talent with no expectations , for the reason that Indian audience is quite emotional, and a section of people are also inclined towards participants of their own caste, religion or their own town/city; often ignoring their talent. This mindset of people acts negatively for some very talented people, as they don't get enough votes compared to the others. These shows also have the system of votes by audience, where each vote costs around 3 to 10 Rs. (6 to 20 cents)(thanks to the 'all we want to do is make money ' attitude of the channels and producers of the show).

Hence, all those who vote are mostly their close friends and relatives, who don't mind spending money for the contestant. Ok you tell me, do you still vote for contestants of reality shows? Earlier many of us did that, even I spent some money on these votes; but do we do that even NOW? I voted for a contestant , a few months back ,only when her performance by a was superb, but she was lagging behind in audience votes, and I really wanted to see her in the finals & win the show! (she was a runner up on the show, though!)

So coming back to India's Got Talent. The show,surprisingly, is good!

What works for it is the fact that India is very diverse in its culture, people and hence, its talent. Also, they have equal involvement of judges and audience votes, which is a good thing!

The audition episodes were fine, but the first semi final blew me away!

From Salsa to Indian Classical Dance, Rajasthani Folk music to Punjabi-English Rap, Pole and Rope Malkhamb to Hip Hop, Magical acts to balancing football; every act was completely mind blowing!!

I've never come across any other show which had so much of talent, and so much diversity, at the same time.

Let’s just wait and watch, to see how the show unfolds in the coming weeks.

Another show launched recently was 'Sach ka Saamna'.

To be honest, I never expected the show would have explicit questions (about people's sexual life) , like the questions asked in the original show 'The moment of truth'. That because, in India people are still not comfortable talking about such things openly. And also, there are large number of people who have nothing better to do, so they carry out protests against any event/person who dare to talk about these kind of things openly. For example, a few years ago, a famous actress said--
"In case you indulge in pre-marital sex, practice safe sex " What followed this, were protests all across south India against her, saying that she's propagating 'pre marital sex' (which, by the way, is still a taboo in majority of India)

And similarly, We just had protests by useless politicians against the show 'Sach ka Saamna', and court cases filed against it.
Thankfully, the court ruled there's nothing wrong with the show, and those who don't like it, shouldn't watch it!
Well, that’s right I guess.

Pay attention to much more important issues concerning the country. And Indian culture and values are not so weak that they'll be shaken because of one show that airs for half an hour daily.

both these shows are fresh, and have brought back some quality entertainment on TV for the time being.
It's the moment of talent, and truth, I must say!

If you leave comments and feedback, I'll be very happy!


  1. #sach ka samna is okzzz bt i feel ki 1/2 hr wid lots of add is smthing m unhappy wid:(.show shud be of 1 hr and shud be on sat & sun.
    #indias got talent -i actually personally didnt like d shoe bcoz in 2nd semifinals i saw dey selected "chota salman khan " & dt footballer which were not deserving hwever dere were lots more gud participants. judges r nt so cool in their decisions smtimes dey take decision emotionally and moreover voting system will results into wrrong decisions as we saw in indian idols & others and it wnt be indias talent bt a state talent....

  2. They put it at the half an hour slot because they wanted a hit show for that slot. Star plus ruled the TRPs of prime time, but when those long running shows ended (after running for about 9 long years!),all subsequent shows failed to deliver.
    And India's Got Talent has good talent as well, and the people u're talking about have now been eliminated. All those selected for the finals till now are really good! And regarding the voting system, as I said in the post,the show has equal involvement of both--judges and audience, which is better than decision on the basis of only audience votes any day.