Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Origin...

I am Back!!
As I promised, I am back, with an all new BLOG!
This is my second blog!
First one(which I deleted) was a great learning experience!
(if not anything else, at least I learned how to blog!)

This blog would talk about movies, music, TV, books ,everything...
So grab your Pepsi 'N' Popcorn, and lets get it started!

Recently I saw 2 movies. X-Men Origins:Wolverine and Angels and Demons....
I saw them back to back at the theater (with a gap of just half an hour), which is quite a fun experience altogether!
Both are prequels.
I'll talk about X-Men Origins today...

X-Men Origins is the series that shows us how these X-Men (and some other mutants ) they grew...
These movies will talk about their past..
And the first movie of this series is Wolverine, which released about 2 months ago.
(Next one will be X-Men Origins:STORM)

Wolverine... is the one of the most interesting characters in X-Men..
and throughout the X-Men series,we see him waking up from his nightmares.
Nightmares about his life,the time which he doesn't remember--some experiments ,he in a glass chamber of liquid...
Those are the only images he remembers.

This movie shows his past....beginning from his childhood, where accidentally, Logan (Wolverine) Kills his father..and he and his brother escape..

Eventually, both of them join Team X (a team of mutants, who use their powers to fight in the World War and American Civil War)

One day, Logan leaves the team and his brother, Victor, and starts a new life on the hills with his girlfriend..
Victor finds him one day and kills his girlfriend...
Logan fights with him but ends up getting beaten himself!

Logan meets Colonel Stryker and Stryker offers help.
Logan undergoes an operation to reinforce his skeleton with an indestructible metal.
But Stryker had other plans...he instructed scientists to erase his memory!

Logan overhears and runs away...
And then,some turns and twists, shocking revelations, some more mutants, and cool action!

In case you are a X-Men fan, this is surely an amazing movie for you!
In case you are not, or don't know anything about X-Men, You can still go for the movie!
Because it talks about their don't need to know anything about X-Men series for this!
Performances were awesome, Hugh Jackman has done a great job!
My rating--
3.5/5 for X-Men Origins!

X-men: Evolution (Marvel's cartoon series)